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In the Brilliant Breakthroughs book, I only had 2,500 words and there's so much more I need to share with you.  That's why I'm doing this bonus training.  

Today is the day to be FEARLESS!

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What other people say about Debbie Leoni and Being Fearless Leadership Training

Samantha Mejia

For me, this program has allowed me to embrace all parts of me. I no longer see them as wrong, or bad...just different angles of a mirror. They all have value, they all have something for us to learn and grow from. I have been challenged, pushed, and supported in ways I have never imagined.





Barry Freeman

The last 6 months doing FLLT has been like a super charged, express train of self improvement and discovery. Two other notes - if you are thinking - I can't afford it - can you put a price tag on your internal peace of mind? Can you afford to stay stuck in your life as it is now? If you think that this doesn't apply to you I'd encourage you to enroll because we all benefit from life long learning about ourselves and how to improve effectiveness with others.

Cindy Funegard

I have sought various forms of coaching over the years, from classes to counseling and more. Debbie Leoni’s approach really turned on the lights. Working with my own goals and heart’s greatest desires, she cut right to my real visions and needs with laser-like precision. Her direct, warm, informed approach would wake up anyone who wishes to leave the slumber of mediocrity, behind. Her work changed my life!

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As a Professional Coach and Speaker, Debbie Leoni has helped thousands of professionals create success, work/life balance, passion and purpose by Being Fearless. Clients feel safe to explore their inner world with a new level of vulnerability, leaving them with profound insights, passion, and motivation to believe they can achieve anything. She offers coaching, workshops, and leadership trainings.

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